New update from Indonesia

I’m having a lot of fun and a great time in Indonesia. In Jogja I also went to the waterfall Kedung Pedut and to a guitar maker shop. They showed me how they make guitars here and I couldn’t resist to buy one.

On sunday it was time to say goodbye to my friends here. See you next time! My friend Warin from Salatiga picked me up in Jogja and drove me to Salatiga. I stayed at a hotel with a view on the square where my grandparents met when they were children. They lived next door to each other and I could see their former house from my room.

On monday Warin and I were invited at the university in Solo to give a history seminar. They welcomed me with open arms and told me they were honoured to receive me. I’m the first Dutch guest speaker here. I felt very honoured to be invited here and tell my story. I talked with the students about my journey to my roots, my family, ancestors and what it’s like to be mixed (Indonesian and Dutch). They asked me many questions, took many pictures and invited me to come back again next time. It was a pleasure to be here and of course I’ll be back! I’m very much looking forward to it. 🙂

After the university, we were invited at the museum about the history of Solo and Indonesia. It was a very interesting museum and here we were also invited to visit again next time.

Now I’ve arrived in Karimunjawa for snorkling, swimming, kayakking and relaxing. I’m very happy with my vacation. It’s wonderful here. Thank you all for inviting me everywhere, unfortunately I can’t visit everyone, sorry… Thank you for understanding 🙏, maybe next time. Today I’m snorkeling 🙂

Thank you very much universitas sebelas maret (UNS Solo). Terima kasih, saya akan kembali.
Thank you Warin for driving me everywhere and all your help.
Thank you Black Tarantula (not only Ernesto, but all of you) for the music that is great for my video.


*internet is very slow here on this remote island, so it takes forever to upload all the pictures… every now and then when I have some time I will add some… but I’m snorkeling or swimming most of the time. 🙂