Sampai jumpa lagi

Last week in asia was wonderful too. I stayed one night in Bali and the next day I flew to Solo. After swimming in the rooftop pool, I met Abi again (who I met a few weeks ago in Jogja) and his friend. We had dinner, went to a huge night market and live music in a bar. It was fun. See you later. The next morning my friend Warin from Salatiga picked me up to go to the University Sebelas Maret again, where we were warmly welcomed as guests again. It’s always a pleasure to be here. We talked about our mixed roots, history and my journey. Of course I gave them a lot of stroopwafels, chocolate kruidnoodjes and other presents from the Netherlands. Thank you, you were all so kind and I look forward to see you again next time.

*more picture when I’ve received them…

We drove to Salatiga, where I stayed in the same great hotel again. Next to the square where my grandparents met as children when they lived in Salatiga. This time I had a view on the other side: mount Merbabu and Merapi. So beautiful. The next morning I was invited to the school that was made possible by my great-grandfather (see my previous visit to Salatiga). The school has always been for Indonesian children as well as Dutch children (at that time). Which is great. They are very proud of this and so am I. Most of the building is still in the original state and they want to preserve this. For example the iron folding gate door and the floor are still the same as when my great-grandfather, grandparents and other family were here. Recently they created a museum in the school. I received a tour around the museum and school. Also I helped the children of five classes practice their English and thought them a song. It was great to sing together and meet the children, teachers and principal. For me it’s such an honor to be here. It feels like I continue what my great-father started, allready almost a hundred years ago. Thank you for your warm welcome and invitation to come back later. Of course I will. πŸ˜„πŸ™ They gave me some snacks and my fav one was among them: risolles! Enak! πŸ˜„ and a mug with the school on it.

*more pictures when I’ve received them…

In the afternoon we, Warin and his family and me, went to a spring in Klaten. It was so beautiful, clean, clear water and refreshing. On the way back to Salatiga there was a beautiful sunset with mountain view and delicious Soto Ayam. The next day we all made a roadtrip together with a friend of Warin. Beautiful views of the mountains Merbabu and Merapi and sunset. Many temples. And I played here with my drone, making a nice video. Delicious Tongseng and SatΓ© for lunch. I helped the women of the warung with cooking. She loved that so much, so we took a picture together and she wants hang it up on the wall. Thank you. πŸ˜„πŸ™ I would like to see that later and eat here again next time. Warin’s friend also gave me the book ‘The history of Java’ (in Bahasa Indonesia), because Warin was very impressed that my ancestors worked together with Stamford Raffles. Thank you. One of them contributed to his second book ‘The history of Sumatra’ of which the manuscript was unfortunately lost in a fire on Raffles’ ship, during his last visit to Bengkulu on his way to England. After dinner we dropped him off at his house and they drove me to Jogja. It was great to see my friends in Otu again.

Then it was time to go to Singapore again to catch my flight to the Netherlands. I still had a day left there, so I went to Universal Studios. That was wonderful. I love rollercoasters and the Jurrasic Park wild water ride was great too. And I met some characters of Sesame Street. It was so much fun here.

It was a wonderful journey again and I’ll miss all my friends in Indonesia. See you next time! Sampai jumpa lagi!

I’m allready a few days in Leiden and now is ‘Leidens Ontzet’. So I bought a ‘Geusje’ yesterday after my morning walk with sunrise and ate hutspot while watching the parade in my street. Later I watched some bands, there’s live music everywhere. This morning I went to the ‘Reveille and Koraal singing’. It’s good to see my friends here again. Today it’s 3 oktoberrr!