It’s been a while…

Yesterday I went to the art exhibition Akar Arts in Amsterdam. Great vibe and nice people. It was nice to see Iris and Atjap of Salammusik again. All the artists have their roots in Malaysia. Many beautiful pieces of art. I especially liked the sunglasses made of plastic waste. A project to clean up the oceans and beautiful pictures taken of the turtle and clownfish. But also the caleidoscope paintings, with so many details, for the album ‘Riwayat’ by Salammusik. And of course the shell lamps and the tapestry with wayang kulit puppets and lotus flower. The exhibition was opened by the Malaysian ambassador. Malaysian (and Indonesian) food and snacks such as kwe lapis and nasi lemak were served. You can check out the beautiful art yourself, it’s at @cloudamsterdam for a whole month.

Since my last journey I’ve been busy working, looking for a new job (and found some), job interviews, studying, swimming and spending time with my family, friends, see some of them play with their bands or solo, birthday parties, making plans for my next journey, videocalls with my friends in Indonesia and went to my cousin’s wedding and much more.

Last week I was in Den Haag for lunch with a former collegue and to take some pictures of places connected to Indonesian history in the Netherlands (for my next visit and presentation at a university in Indonesia). I thought it might be nice to go to the Museum Sophiahof, about the history of Dutch-Indonesian people. I didn’t know there was also a knowledge centre here. I met some kind people here, also with roots in Indonesia. They asked me if I wanted to see the passenger lists of the boats, on which the people after de independance went to the Netherlands. It was interesting to see that my family was also on these lists. I met some more people here who are also looking for their roots. And there are even events and dinner parties to get to know more people looking for their roots and learn more about our history, which I was invited to. It’s good to know that there a more people like me. And I really like it that they are also interested in my journey to my roots. Thank you. I will continue my journey later. I allready booked my next flight to Singapore and Indonesia.