My friend Warin picked me up from the airport in Solo and he drove me to Salatiga. We went straight to the university where we were a guest together to talk about the connection between Indonesia and the Netherlands. We are both Indo. And I talked about my journey to my roots in Indonesia and the Indonesian habits my family and I still have. Such as cooking. My family recipes are mostly from Bengkulu. Therefore our family recipes are Padang Food and we still cook these dishes (among other things). Sayur Lodeh, Nasi Kuning, Rendang, Gado Gado, Soto Ayam, Kue Mankok, Roti Kukus, Spekkoek and much more.

When I told this, they gave me an overwhelming standing ovation to my surprise. After I finished my story about my family and roots, it was time for questions. I unexpectedly had to cry when they asked me why I’m looking for my roots here in Indonesia. For me this journey to my roots means so much to me. But it’s difficult to explain. I will try to discribe what I mean next time and in my documentary about my ‘Journey to my roots’. The subtitle is ‘Rumah saja’. Because I never really felt home in the Netherlands (and mostly misunderstood, but also Warin and many others), but I always feel home in Asia. So I still hope someday I can finally stay there, but I don’t know where yet. But where is my home? To be continued…

The next morning we still had time to do some filming for my documentary in Salatiga, before he drove me to Jepara (4-5 hour drive). On the way we bought some delicious snacks and a lot of ice tea.