Indonesia and Singapore

Wow what a wonderful holiday it was in Indonesia and Singapore. I always feel so alive and welcome when I’m here. Thanks! This time I was mostly enjoying snorkeling, time with (some of) my friends, exploring the hobbit cave, culture, Borobudur and much more. 😊 I also talked about my journey to my roots in the university of Salatiga, with my friend Warin. After that I saw my friends in Karimunjawa again. Snorkeling was so much fun. I found Nemo again, the little turtles, beautiful coral, fish and finally I was swimming with many big turtles! So wonderful! And so many! And the wonderful whalesharks! Wow! I loved this so much. 🐋🐢🐠🌊💦

In Flores I met my friend Nardi again from last year and explored the hobbit cave where they found the homo floresiensis. I’m also invited to the university here next time I’m in Indonesia. The last few days in Singapore were also great. Wish I was still in Asia. It’s still my dream to stay and travel more there. By the way I don’t listen to people who think they can tell me how to live my life. I don’t like them. I like living my life my way. And I don’t like people who try to make my life more difficult either. Luckily I have many good friends. 🌞

In november on my birthday party will be the premiere (of the first episode) of my documentary: ‘Journey to my roots, di mana rumah saja’. Everyone is welcome again of course. More information later. Some of my friends will play with there bands, including Black Tarantula who’s song is the theme song. Thank you for the music! And thanks everyone for helping and supporting me with this. There will be a lifestream for my friends from Asia and around the world so they can see the premiere too. Now all I have to do is finish the documentary (and work) haha. 😂

Below are my travelstories from this holiday 👇